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Welcome to Business Apps Cloud Wiki Site

The goal of this wiki site is to provide Apps-Cloud related service documentation and general faqs.

Getting started with Business Apps-Cloud & Frequently-Asked-Questions

  1. All Old Documentation All Old documentation is consolidated into this page.
  2. Cloud Onboarding Steps for New Business Apps Cloud
  3. Setting-up Cloud Account for first time
  4. Change Password for Cloud Account
  5. Block SPAM for Email Account
  6. Check for Website Blacklisting
  7. ePDF Service
  8. Business Email Service
  9. Business Webmail Documentation
  10. File Storage Service
  11. Mass Emailing List Service
  12. Identity & Portal Service
  13. Online Share Folder Service
  14. Online Forms Service
  15. Customer & Invoice Management Service
  16. GainCloud CSP
  17. Frequently asked questions - general
  18. Opencart Tutorials for building eCommerce Site
  19. Wordpress Tutorials for building a simple website
  20. Information on ePDF Browser Problems


Misc Section

  1. GainCloud Public Document eShare
  2. Upload Documents to Tech Support
  3. Infoleep Partner Site


Training Classes

  1. GainCloud Advanced Security Training


Common Cloud Administrator Tasks

  1. Create New Account in your Cloud
  2. Reset Account Password for a user in your Cloud