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GainCloud Email service allows creation of sieve baseed email filters that are applied directly to incoming emails. These email filter can be used to block and move "identified" spam emails into Junk or a SPAM folder. The following section lists the steps for you:

  1. Before you begin - make sure you already have a Junk folder created (or a spam folder created under your inbox).
  2. Login to your GainCloud Service account. Then navigate to Webmail service.
  3. Once webmail service starts, select the "Settings" menu from top menu as shown in the screenshot.
  4. Select "Filter" tab, then click "Add Filter" icon.
  5. Once the new filter window appears as shown, enter a name for your filter.
  6. Select "Subject", "Contains" for the "Matching any of the following rules" radio button. Make sure to type in uppercase "*****SPAM" as shown in the screenshot.
  7. Then select "Move message to" for the execute the following action section. Make sure to either select Junk or Spam folder as action.
  8. Finally click on "Save" button to save your filter.

Your new filter rule will block and move all spam emails automatically into the Junk or Spam folder you selected. Once your rule is created, its automatically enforced. So all rules are automatically activated and enforced. You dont need to do any other tasks.

If you still have questions on Spam feel free to create ticket for us to work on or email us at

Email Filter To Block Spam