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Gaincloud Services uses Adobe Acrobat ePDF Forms.

If you want further help and your browser issue is not resolved yet, then read further to see if the following section helps.



For Internet Explorer (IE) Version 10 Browser

On IE Version 10 browser most likely the browser enable-protected-mode setting causes the Adove ePDF to STOP working. That means you can see the form, fill it BUT when you try to submit the form by   clicking on the button nothing happens, NO CONFIRMATION is displayed and the form is NOT submitted. Follow the steps given below to fix this browser problem.

STEP 1: Open/start your Internet Explorer Browser first.

STEP 2: Then click on the settings button on the top right of your browser window as shown below. Click on the Internet Options Menu Item (as shown below).















STEP 3: When the Internet Options window appears, REMOVE the checkbox from "Enable Protected Mode" setting and click on OK button to save.

STEP 4: Make sure to close ALL Internet Explorer windows and restart JUST the browser only.


























For Google Chrome Browser


STEP 1: Open Chrome Browser and navigate to the URL Address Bar and type in the URL "chrome://plugins" as shown below. When the plugin page loads navigate to the plugin listed.









STEP 2: Find the "Chrome PDF Viewer" plugin and "Disable" it.










STEP 3: Find the "Adobe Reader" plugin and "Enable it" Also make sure to click "Always Allowed" for Adobe Reader.









STEP 4: Make sure to close the plugin-tab and close Chrome browser to restart JUST the browser window.


For Mozilla Firefox Browser

Even for opensource mozilla firefox browser some of the users have reported errors/problems with the ePDF Plugin installed within the browser. Please follow the steps given below to fix this problem.

STEP 1: Open Firefox browser first.

STEP 2: Navigate to Tools Menu and select the "Options" menu item as shown below.









STEP 3: When Firefox Options dialog box/window loads, navigate to the "Application" Tab as shown below. Then search for the "Portable Document Format" or Adobe Documents or PDF under the "Content Type" Column. If you dont have one, then create it. Make sure to select "Adobe Acrobat" as Action for the selected Content Type as shown below. Also make sure to click on "OK" button to save the changes.
















STEP 4: Navigate to the Tools Menu in your Firefox Browser and select "Add-ons" menu item as shown below. You should see the Plugins Section load automatically displaying all the installed Firefox plugins in your system.












STEP 5: Make sure you can see the Adobe Acrobat Plugin in the list of plugins and also make sure it is set as "Always Activate" as shown in the diagram below.












STEP 6: Make sure to close all Firefox Browser windows and restart it.


For Mac OS Safari Internet Browser

We have some users who reported problems with Apple Safari browsers on Apple MAC-Book or iMac computers. Many users who use OLD Mac computers find the adobe PDF opens up as a BLANK page. Please follow the steps given below to resolve the problem.

STEP 1: Open Safari browser first.

STEP 2: Then you may need to REMOVE the old Adobe Reader Plugin (IF its installed on your MAC). You may not even have a plugin for Adobe Reader at all. On the FINDER select "GO", then select "Go To Folder" from menu bar. Then type in "/Library/Internet Plug-ins" into the text box that opens up. This will load the PLUGINs-List that are installed on your MAC as shown below. Verify that you dont have any old Adobe Reader software. If you do have an old adobe reader, select and remove that old-entry. Then you would need to re-install a NEWER Version of Adobe reader as given in the next step.












STEP 3: Try to install the LATEST and Free Adobe Reader Software from Adobe Website Directly.