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What is eMail Service?

A comprehensive email service which can grow with the needs and demands. An integrated eMail service provides mailboxes that supports web-based emails, email-push to mobile devices, integrated calendar and contact address books with tons of enterprise and security features.



Starts with one business domain name Starts with a 10 user business email addresses/mailboxes Easily expand to upto 10 business domain names and 100′s of mailboxes Starts with 30 GB of initial storage Easily expand to 100′ of GB of storage without moving any mailboxes/accounts Full Administration Panel to manage users, domains, mailboxes, rights & features No additional cost

  • Built-in Anti-spam, Anti-Virus & Anti-phishing filters Support for 30 MB Email Attachments
  • Extra room for those large email-attachments. Support for Standards Based Protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, NonST-SMTP Address Book support included
  • Personal Address Book & Company-wide Shared Global Address Book Supports Email Forward to your private Mailboxes at Gmail or yahoo or any other accounts. Vacation Support
  • Allows your mailbox to auto-remind/reply people if you are out on vacation Support all Devices – iPhone, iPAD, Android Device & Blackberry Bold Support all Legacy Clients
  • MAC-OSX Mail-Client, Windows Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird



  • Single Cloud for Emails, Contacts, Group-Emails, Calendar  – for your entire organization Peace of mind in add/remove/activate/deactivate user accounts/mailboxes from full-feature Admin-Console
  • Self-Service Mailbox Size management – Your administrator can easily resize individual mailboxes
  • One Webmail can go anywhere you have internet access – any compatible device, any computer Integrated Group-Email from within the same cloud, so you dont have to go pay extra to anyone.


Technical Specification

  • Storage – Starts with 10 GB, Dynamically expand upto 200 GB Licenses
  • Starts with 10 User License, Dynamically expand upto 200 users licenses Domains
  • Starts with 1 Domain License, Dynamically expand upto 10 business domains Protocol/Port
  • IMAP-143, POP-110, SMTP-25 and SMTP-Non-Standard 587 (for mobile devices) Base Host
  • Runs on OpenSUSE 13.1 x86 Linux Core 64-Bit Hardware Firewall
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance for Stateful Packet Inspection and Hardward Firewall.
  • Advanced Barracuda public filters
  • Uses Bayes Self-Learning Algorithm Updated Daily to keep you protected everyday Anti-Virus
  • Built-in Blocker to STOP delivering emails that have viruses Support
  • 24×7 Via Ticket Management, Callback within 4 Hr Standard Support Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Email Gateway guarantee for 36mbps uplink Group-Emails
  • Integrated Email List supports within same cloud Enterprise Support
  • Supports MS-Exchange, Calendar ICS Meetings, Email Signatures